MP3 File Format

MP3 files Format

The MP3 file type is primarily associated with 'MPEG Audio Stream, Layer III'. It is an audio-specific format that was designed by the Moving Picture Experts Group as part of its MPEG-1 standard and later extended in MPEG-2 standard. The quality of an MP3 file depends largely on the bit rate used for compression. Common bit rates are 128, 160, 192, and 256 kbps. Higher bit rates result in higher quality files that also require more disk space.

MP3 files are supported by most applications or portable music players, such as the Apple iTunes, VLC, Roxio Toast, Windows Media Player, Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune. They can also be played on the Amazon Kindle. Symbian OS mobile phones can play MP3 files using the UltraMP3 program. Here, MP3 Converter and MP3 Converter for Mac recommended to you which can help you convert video to MP3, audio to MP3 or MP3 to audio.

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