ICO File Format

ICO files Format

ICO file format is an image file format for storing icons for Windows programs, files, and folders. .icon file contain one or more small images at multiple sizes and color depths. All executables icon in windows must carry the icon in ICO format like on the desktop, start Menu, or in Windows Explorer. ICO file can store images of any size from 1×1 pixel up to 256×256 pixels.

ICO image format contains two bitmaps: the AND bitmap and the XOR bitmap. ICO files can be modified to create custom icons. In the address var of the website, the favorite website log will appear to the left of the web address when any page of the website is loaded. The favion.ico image must be 16x16 pixels and stored in the root directory of the website. ICO files can be open and view on Windows, Mac, Linux with Apple Preview, IcoFX, GIMP, etc. Also supported by all web browsers.

ICO Compression:

Other File Formats: 3GA / MKV / MOV / MXF / MP4 / DV

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