Compare CAF with MP3

CAF, also called Core Audio Format, is a container format which developed by Apple Inc. The CAF file is often used for storing audio like audio formats, metadata, and much more data. Like many older digital audio formats, CAF isn’t limited to a 4GB file size, so a .caf container can theoretically save hundreds of years of recorded audio due to its use of 64-bit file offsets. Usually, we can get .caf format from loop or effects library of Soundtrack Pro and Logic Studio.

MP3 is an audio specific format which developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group for audio streaming or storage. It is a patented encoding format for digital audio which uses a form of lossy data compression. An MP3 file is the most popular format for devices and software, media players on both Windows and Mac system.


1. CAF is a container format which can contain audio that is encoded in MP3.

2. Usually CAF using an uncompressed file format. So for the same file, CAF will be large than MP3 (MP3 is a compression format)

3. MP3 is more popular than CAF for playing on portable devices or media players like iTunes, Windows Media Player, iPad, Pod, android Phone, etc.

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