AMV File format

amv files Format

AMV is a proprietary video file format, produced for MP3, MP4, MTV players, container for audio and video. The AMV file format can compress video and save in low resolutions (from 94x64 to 160x120) to fit the screens of the media players. The container is a modified version of AVI and Motion JPEG.

AMV file format is not publicly available. So you need to convert these AMV video files to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV for opening and playing AMV files on computer with Windows, Mac, Linux platform, editing AMV movies with editing software like iMovie, WMM, etc or upload .amv video to YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, etc video sharing website for sharing with your friends.

AMV Compression:

Other File Formats: 3GA / MKV / MOV / MP4 / DV / H.264

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